• span consulting was conceived over 15 years ago, under the visionary leadership of jeff mcfarland, with a desire to help brands identify and reach
    their full potential — to help them traverse from
    'the way it
    is' to 'the way it could be'.

Having worked with organisations
like Samsung, Honda, Ford, Tourism Malaysia, Sembcorp, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Temporal Brand Consulting, Jeff had the rare opportunity to help these companies and their clients become powerful, profitable brands. He founded Span
to bring this mindset and process to other organisations with a similar appetite for growth, success, and a desire to learn how to get there.

Jeff also extends his expertise as a business speaker, adjunct professor, guest lecturer, and author on the topics of consumer behavior, strategic brand management, destination branding, visual strategy, brand expression, and innovation.

He holds a Master of Science
degree in Integrated Marketing
from Northwestern University, with coursework at the Medill and Kellogg schools, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Design from Art
Center College.

It is this rare linking of left and right brain skill-sets that make Span and its global network uniquely qualified to uncover fundamental insights, develop rigorous strategy, then generate innovative solutions for our partners and their customers.

  • Jeff Mcfarland